Content Syndication in 2019 and why it’s needed for SEO

Website owners most often face different problems related to the content. Sometimes they don’t have sufficient content for their website.

For higher ranking, you have to add fresh content. If you don’t add fresh content, you will be unable to grab more traffic. In fact content remains king in all aspects of SEO whether its Florida Local SEO or just SEO in General, you need content.

So What exactly do you do if you don’t have enough content? Well, there is good news for you! You can create more links and grab more traffic to your website again even without publishing brand new content.

Amazed? You should be. Content syndication is an important factor in SEO and will help you tremendously, especially when you have writers block.

By using a content syndication strategy, you can make your already-written content much more valuable and get more links as well.

This article will guide you and explain  content syndication in SEO and how to get the best quality backlinks with content syndication to your website.


What is Web Content Syndication?

Content Syndication is a procedure to republish existing content on different sites to grab a larger audience.

You might be thinking what is a content syndication strategy and why it is beneficial for me?

In content syndication, you will take content from the company’s blog of your choice and republish that again on different sites. After syndicating your content, the republishing site mentions you as the original author. As a result, you receive different high-quality backlinks from different credible sources.

Who Uses Different Content Syndication Strategies?

Fortune 500 companies have used content syndication strategy since the beginning of the internet. Different companies use this strategy to gain incredible traffic and incredible authority. Look at the Mainstream Media for an example.

Maybe you have come across an article where you find a sentence “this article originally appeared on “”. “” in this case refers to the original content publisher. So just like that ,a strong link will be created that brings a huge amount of traffic to the original site and a large amount of Link Juice. This is what this post is all about. And once you start utilizing it yourself you will great results. But only quality content is going to be featured.

This is an extremely popular strategy used by large publishers but also the least talked about. Just imagine getting syndication from gigantic news networks such as NBC and Fox News. I have and it’s possible for you as well.

Now you know a little about the strategy, but how do you utilize it and how do you implement it? Lett’s dig further.

It is not an easy job to re-publish your content on a giant site such as Yahoo. Content should be great and you also should be proficient in pitching what your’e selling.

How to utilize Content Syndication?

Once you have decided to utilize content syndication, you just need a few things:

 – The content you are going to syndicate.

 – Choose an authoritative place where your content will go for syndication.

 – How you will pitch this content?

You can re-publish new and old content, in other words.  You can use both existing and new content in this strategy.

The most important thing is to place your content where the target audience can easily find that. So content should be great that grasps your audience’s attention.

Once you have prepared your content for publishing, move ahead and pick an appropriate site for syndication.

Check that the website allows republishing content. If the website allows, you need to have a look at their published content. Try to follow their format for publication for a higher success rate of it being published.

If your article is intriguing, informative and well-formatted enough to grasp the audience’s attention, you have a good chance for content syndication.

Now it’s time to approach the website’s owner and ask for republishing your content. Here your pitching skills do matter. You will have to describe how beneficial this content will be for their website and why they should post it. For example, this is a hot topic and can give you additional audiences, referral traffic, and social shares as well.

The relationship with the syndicating site has a striking resemblance to the Guest Post where you need to outreach manually to secure a link.

In this entire scenario, one thing you need to keep in mind is that your content will not perfectly match with every site. You will and can get rejected or declined. Don’t lose hope. You will face rejection several times because it’s just how things work in SEO and the media world.

Never break your relationship even after being rejected. There is a possibility that an authority site may approach you again for content or place your link on their site when you publish content that is relevant to their niche.

Try to pitch another site for syndicated content, maybe you won’t face rejection there. Keep trying and don’t give up you are not wasting your time. One day it will pay off and in the meantime you are building a network of contacts which is vitally important in SEO.

info 2 - Content Syndication in 2019 and why it’s needed for SEO

Is There No Risk for Duplicate Content?

Throughout reading about the republishing content, you might be thinking about plagiarism or duplicate content right?

It’s because syndication is all about publishing existing content from another source. So does syndication hurt SEO?

Well, it is a genuine and frequently asked question. The straightforward answer is NO! It doesn’t hurt your SEO. In fact it’s a good signal to Google that the content on your website is quality and well established.

There are different ways to republish your content. One of the most common methods is to use a “canonical” tag. You just need to add the “rel=canonical” tag in the header section of the syndicated website’s page.

In addition, the syndicated website will add a link to your website’s page from where that content was taken along that with that tag.

The little piece of code tells search engines about the location of original content. So search engines pass authority and link juice to the original content page instead of syndicating site.

After adding this tag, thousands of websites can syndicate your content on their pages without any duplicating content issues because the tag tells search engines where the content was originally posted!


If you don’t have enough fresh content, you can republish your existing content, again and again, to gain exposure and bring a decent amount of traffic to your website.

Now I always suggest writing new content, but sometimes time is short or you have a bit of writers block and you have to do what you have to do at times.

You can achieve a broader audience without writing new content it’s really true.. It is certainly not an easy job to get this audience but it is well worth trying.

You will have to adopt the best strategies. At the start, you will need to write great and grasping content that ins eye-catching and informative. This is they key.

No company or website wants to syndicate your content about a topic nobody is interested in. You need to build strong relationships with blogs or website owners. Network with website owners, businesses and media companies. Syndication requires you to be master at pitching. Building networks is important in SEO. So even if you get rejected you have gained a contact.

You will need to approach a multitude of sites and be ready for rejection. When you enter in any field, you will  find out different ways of survival. If you are unable to find the courage approaching a website owner directly , you can approach a middle-man to build a relationship with different website owners. But if you don’t have the courage to a little outreach then maybe SEO isn’t exaclty the field for you.

Good luck,

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