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Read our FAQs on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to get expected traffic from “organic”, “free”, “natural” and editorial. SEO helps gets your website or webpage rank higher on SERP.
Web crawling involves going through web pages in search of relevant keywords, hyperlinks, and other content. Information obtained from this search is then indexed on web servers.
Once crawling is done after a search, the next step is indexing. Google collects web pages for relevant search queries during crawling, this creates an index that contains specific words or terms used in the search. Most search engines respond to user queries by checking the index and bringing up the most relevant pages.
Google bot is the software used by Google for the indexing process and crawling your website.
Robots.txt is the standard used for facilitating communication with web robots and web crawlers.
XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is basically created to help Google and other Search Engines navigate your site.
Bounce rate: A high bounce rate might not always be a bad thing for your website. It could just mean that visitors did not have to go deep into the site before they got what they needed. Pogo sticking: Pogo sticking happens when a user carries out a search, views a result, and almost immediately returns to the search result page to check out a different page.
When separating words in URL, you should use hyphens instead of the usual space in regular text.
The two types of SEO include; 1. On-page SEO 2. Off-page SEO
Some known search engines include Bing, Google, Baidu, Yahoo!, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo. Google, however, is quite popular for SEO.
The two latest building techniques are manual outreach and organic content sharing and syndication.
The major factors that affect most search engine algorithms include • Content • Sites linking to you • Dwell time • Page speed
Some tools that popular in SEO include Sem rush, ahrefs, Think with Google, Screaming Frog, and MOZ to mention a few.
An SEO Audit is performed on a website to assess its technical infrastructure for search engine optimization. An SEO Audit helps you optimize your website for search engine visibility and conversion.
A backlink is an incoming link to a website or web page from an external website.
A Page Rank refers to the rank given to a web page by Google based on its algorithm.
Keyword density defines the percentage density of a specific keyword or phrase on a website relative to other words on the same page.
A title tag is usually the clickable text in a hyperlink and it should be less than 69 characters. The description tag should be less than 159 characters.
Keyword Difficulty is simply used to rate how difficult it is to rank a word due to competition for the same keyword.
Stop words are specific words that are either partly or totally ignored by the search engine. Some examples of words like this include the, a, an, or, of, etc.
While a few 404 errors might not affect the SEO of your website, having too many 404 errors might indicate to Google that your website is no longer active. This will affect the ranking of your website.
An anchor text is the part of a hyperlink that can be clicked. When creating an anchor text, it is important to ensure that the link is relevant to the anchor text.
Long-tail keywords define a particular type of phrase that contains over 4 words. Long-tail keywords make search results highly specific.
LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is usually associated with the semantics of main keywords that are entered over the search engines.
Since Google Bots are unable to process images, the bot uses the alt property to get information on the image for processing.
Domain authority is a major factor to consider in SEO. It refers to a performance metric created by Moz. The rating is based on a 1-100 scale. The higher your DA, the better your Google ranking in most scenarios. A good DA also improves the likelihood of you getting good traffic.
Google Algorithms are a bunch of software commands that are written to help with feedback on search results.
Google Panda helps reduce the chance of low-quality websites during searches. It ensures only top-quality websites are at the top of search results.
The name Hummingbird is derived from precision and swiftness. Google Hummingbird is designed to improve the focus on the meaning of keywords.
Google Penguin looks out for sites that show keyword stuffing and other bad seo practices.
When it comes to SEO, seeing results can take months or years in some instances. It primarily depends on the purpose of your website. The resources you’re using for SEO can also help you get good results in the shortest period.
It is not advisable to remove nofollow backlinks. Usually, removing nofollow backlinks does not have any serious implications except for negative site links. Good nofollow backlinks can even help you improve traffic.
Yes, the loading speed of your website is important in SEO ranking as it is factored in Google algorithms. A good website should load in under 3 seconds.
A website is required for proper SEO. But you can create free web sites or boost your social media presence with SEO.
Some essential approaches used in SEO include Offsite SEO, Keyword research, Onsite SEO, directory citation building, content creation, and link outreach.
If your keyword research indicates that a lot of people are searching for your keywords locally every month and your website is not appearing at the top of the search, then you need SEO.
SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. It refers to the page that comes up when a particular search entry is put in a search engine. SERP can also include adverts.
In SEO, an organic result refers to the listing of the most relevant web pages to the search entry made by a user.
Paid results refer to sponsored websites or adverts that come up when a user inputs a search entry. These adverts are usually above the organic results. Paid results are as a result of a website owner making payments to Google to display their website as part of results for certain search terms.
Usually, when a user enters a word in the search field, Google shows related terms to the word in a drop-down menu. This is Google Suggest and it is part of Google’s auto-complete function.
404 errors are major problems in achieving successful search engine optimization. If a particular URL is not available, this would result in 404 errors in other links associated with the URL.
A Google Penalty is a sanction by Google. It usually causes a negative effect on a website’s ranking with Google. A Google penalty can sometimes occur as a result of updates to updates in Google’s algorithm or manual reviews and bad SEO practices.
Despite having good content, some websites might not give the best SEO outcomes. This might be due to Google sandbox. Google sandbox is a type of filter placed on websites. When a Google sandbox is placed on a website, it will not achieve good rankings for its most important keywords.
Google Fetch allows website owners to test how Google renders URL on their website. Google Fetch can be used to check whether Googlebot can access your website and if there are any resources on your page blocked to Google Bot. You can also use Google Fetch to see how Google renders the page.
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open-source coding standard used by publishers to ensure their sites load faster on mobile devices.
Google My Business is a free tool from Google. Google My Business helps businesses, brands, and organizations to efficiently manage their online presence on Google. Users can use Google My Business to find customers and share their business effectively online.
Google Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base used by Google to make its search engine results better with semantic-search information obtained from several sources.
RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. And RSS is the format in which regularly changing web content is delivered. RSS Feeds allow publishers to automate the bringing together of relevant information. A standard XML file can be accessed by a wide range of devices.

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